Win with Cybersecurity

Ideally, we’ll one day live in a world devoid of thefts and scammers online. In the meantime, OLX is here to help you with cybersecurity tips and reminders to keep in mind.

To battle the rising number of cyber crimes, OLX launched Win with Cybersecurity. The campaign aims to educate the public with different kinds of online crimes, the corresponding laws that protect us from them, and tips we can practice whenever we do online activities such as buying and selling. Even though talking about matters like this could be technical, the team found a way to make it easier for the Pinoy to remember these important things. For example, we made an fun animated video introducing  two cute characters:

We also made a designated micro-site in support of  the campaign. It gives the viewers helpful content such as how to spot the different types of online scammers and  some quick tips for safe online buying and selling.

With these tips and reminders, we hope for everyone to be more vigilant and attentive when buying and selling online. As we always remind OLX users: "If the deal if good to be true, it probably is." To know more about this effort visit