The OLX 2017 Summer Outing

For years, the OLX summer outing and team building had always been eventful. Fun activities, great sceneries, good food and memorable encounters are always part of the  itinerary. And this year’s was just as exciting, and possibly-- as some of us noted, the best so far.


Before it all started, HR, together with selected committee members from the team, organized a series of focus group discussions that focused on gathering stories that relate to the company’s values. Model team members with great stories were chosen and were hailed Values Superstars during the opening ceremony. Later, the team was divided per value and the awarded members became the leaders.  Everyone thought it was a competition, but the organizers had something else planned.


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    Activity 1 - Kainaney (Hotdog and beer + cup flip)

Displaying IMG_0159.JPG    Activity 2 - Hum It to Win It


Image may contain: one or more people, sky, tree, outdoor and nature    Activity 3 - Jack and Jill

Image may contain: one or more people, child, table and outdoor    Activity 4 - Can You Dig It? Complete It!

Once the activities rolled, the competitive spirit of the team surfaced. Suddenly everybody wanted to contribute and win. Little did they know that in the end they would all share the victory to recreate the OLX mural, “Pull”. In the end, it all made sense when they pulled all the pieces together.

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After the amazing challenges were completed, the team had all the time for themselves. Some headed to their rooms to catch up with sleep, but most enjoyed the beach and the resort’s amenities. The place was private and intimate. The team took advantage of the seclusion and started bonding. Everybody earned a new lunch barkada and break buddies. It was the ultimate goal: to open the floor for the new and old employees to socialize and be part of the fun and non-work related discussions, passion-sharing and some laughters.





Gatherings like this are made to let the people within the organization get acquainted with the members outside their usual clique. This made the team stronger and more collaborative. This way we face challenges with a smile, knowing each time the tide hits, we can all go under and over with grace.