Sportsfest 2016

When OLX plays, we play hard.

Last September 2016, we kicked off our annual sportsfest with a badminton tournament. As usual, teams were preselected by the HR team, representing the vibrant OLX colors Orange, Blue, White and Green. The tournament was held in Autocamp-Smashville, a nearby badminton court where team members flocked to cheer their respective teams after work hours.

The team spirit had been alive as members rally behind their representatives for the badminton tournament in two categories: men’s doubles and mixed doubles.

The heat was up as all four teams prove themselves worthy, but only one team was to be hailed champion. In the span of a few weeks, it was down to teams Green and Orange vying for the prestigious title.

In the end, the Orange team won the championship, with Epik Pios owning the title of MVP playing alongside Roan Ranido. They played against Mix Martinez and P24’s Cham, coming to a close second for the Green team.


One tournament down and a few more to go! Who will be hailed the overall champion of Sportsfest 2016?

One thing’s for sure, winning together always means a great time at the OLX HQ.