We are in love with the idea of creating a world where everybody wins, and that’s what we strive for.

It’s about finding ways to connect people through shared interests, because it’s our shared interest to make great stories happen.

How OLX culture plays a role

That’s what working at OLX Philippines is like: a great big story. Every day is another leaf turned because something exciting always happens. There’s always something new to learn. With a team that is committed, genuine and (hella) friendly, you never know what comes up next...but you’d definitely want to be a part of it.

OLX values

Live it

We embody our brand and live our values

Be fast

We are proactive and choose speed over certainty

Build on each other

We share and learn before we invent

Be open

We tell it like it is — even when news is disappointing

Be empowered

We do the right thing and act as owners

Be curious

We constantly explore to serve our customers

The OLX 2017 Summer Outing

Company outings are a great way for team members to socialize, build camaraderie and have lots of fun while doing it. For a 150+ strong organization, an ice breaker like this is definitely worth the plunge. OLX team travelled seven-long hours in comfy buses to Bolinao, Pangasinan. Away from the city and with a not-so-fast internet connection, what happened next was pretty special--the team bonded and enjoyed each other's company.


Win with Cybersecurity

Arm yourself with the knowledge to keep your online transactions safe and secure. OLX Philippines is here to help you with the information you need so we can all #WinWithCybersecurity!


Earth Wins

OLX participates in making the Earth win by presenting the advantages of re-using and extending the life span of an item. Know more about our efforts and how selling second hand items can make a huge difference.


Winning together for 10 YEARS: The launch of OLX's culture book

​It’s quite astonishing that a decade has already passed since couple RJ and Arianne David established Sulit. It’s as if seeing someone grow up almost abruptly, that it’s a little bit bittersweet. It goes without saying that those who watched and participated in this growth cannot help but feel pride and admiration.​


Masquerade Ball 2016

As the last event for the year, the annual Christmas party is certainly a grand occasion. What other part of the year do members of the office dress their finest? The night serves as a great culmination to a long, stressful year. After all that hard work, there’s no better time than the Yuletide season to unwind and party the night away.


Halloween 2016

It’s never tricks and always treats at the OLX HQ as we celebrated Halloween with the kids last October 2016. The theme for the year is OLX Transylvania which was based off the movie Hotel Transylvania. Everyone at the office were encouraged to wear creative headdresses, hats or masks according to the theme.


Sportsfest 2016

Last September 2016, we kicked off our annual sportsfest with a badminton tournament. As usual, teams were preselected by the HR team, representing the vibrant OLX colors Orange, Blue, White and Green. The tournament was held in Autocamp-Smashville, a nearby badminton court where team members flocked to cheer their respective teams after work hours.